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Website Design

Ultimate is a leading digital and website design agency based in Manchester. We create digital designs and websites of all shapes and sizes, from small brochure websites through to large and complex ticketing platforms – all with the same level of passion and skill.

The design of your website is critical to its performance – very few businesses can survive today without an online presence. From the ways the users experience your content, through to how they digest your key messages and what drives them to take action, it’s crucial that your website is working as hard as it can to deliver sales, leads and loyal customers. 

Whether you’re looking for a website that essentially acts as an online brochure for your products or services, or driving for ambitious lead generation targets, we have the skills and expertise in-house to consult and advise you every step of the way.

Ultimate has worked with clients across various sectors that are looking to bring business processes online and minimise administrative time for their teams – either via integrating a reputable Third Party or building an entirely bespoke digital system. 

Digital design can take many forms and range from online ads, remarketing banners and website infographics through to digital magazine designs and full marketing campaigns. Our talented designers specialise in translating your brand into the digital space and always keep accessibility in mind, ensuring contrast and highly-readable yet engaging designs. 

From understanding your brief and wider marketing KPIs, we can scale our digital and website design services specifically to your needs and the size of your team.  

James' Places website designs shown on mobile and tablet
James' Places website designs on mobile phone and tablet

Our approach to web design

Website design is all about striking a balance between stunning aesthetics and reliable, intuitive functionality. With years of experience as a website design agency, our talented Ultimate design team are UX and UI experts. They are able to deliver visually immersive websites which are easy to use and user-friendly.

Our approach to website design is very much driven by a respect for your brand, an understanding of the digital landscape and a focus on your KPIs. 

There are several key elements to great website design and we take a holistic approach to ensure we’ve considered them all: 

  • User Experience
  • Website speed
  • Responsive to screen sizes
  • Facilitating technical SEO and content marketing
  • Streamlining internal systems and processes 
  • Accessibility – all our websites are designed and built to WCAG 2.1 A standards
Seashell Trust website on mobile phone screens

Our website design process requires high levels of collaboration between your internal team and stakeholders, Ultimate’s website designers and developers, and usually an SEO agency or specialist (we’re happy to work with your incumbent team if appropriate). We’ll agree goals and KPIs at the start of the project and ensure that you’ll be provided with a written brief to sign off before we get started.

Then we’ll move into user flows and wireframing, which is essentially a sketch of key pages on your new website – this highlights elements that are important to your various website users and our suggested hierarchy or content architecture. After walking you through these wireframes and actioning any feedback, our digital designers will move on to creating your website design or prototype, depending on the scope of the project. The designs will be heavily influenced by your brand or existing creative, although sometimes we find ourselves pushing the limits of brand guidelines to really translate brands into the digital space. 

It is a common myth that a website’s homepage is the most important section of the site – so we will include other key pages in this stage whilst also considering flexible components that will deliver you with high levels of independence when it comes to building out your website.

All our designs are bespoke and unique, and designed mobile-first from the very start to ensure they are responsive across desktop, tablet and smartphone. We are always aware of the current trends in digital design but we aim to stand out from the crowd and create each client with something truly different.


After our website design team have produced their beautiful designs, it’s time for our website developers to get to work!


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