Continual Optimisation

Meaningful insight into what matters

Continual Optimisation

Measured, iterative and user-focused improvement is at the heart of everything we do. Our human-first approach to UX and web development gives us meaningful insight into what drives, stops, and persuades users to take action, so we can continue to give them the best possible online experiences.

We start with some benchmarking and a workshop to discuss where you want to get to, your USPs, your business challenges and establish your KPIs. From there we can approach continual optimisation and conversion rate optimisation in a couple of different ways – from user research to heat-mapping and virtual recordings – however we often find the best method is a combination of all three. 

User Research

A key place to start when it comes to optimisation and continual improvement is user research – getting a benchmark for what is and isn’t working at the start and gaining a vital overview of areas that could be improved. The best user research involves talking to potential customers who fit your target demographic and audience profile. We set specific tasks that allow us to test your audience’s ability to achieve specific results – all anchoring back to your KPIs and digital goals. We usually conduct user research on both desktop and mobile, over a video call. We combine this data with additional heat-mapping and anonymous recording data using Microsoft’s Clarity, although we can also use software of your choice if you have a preference.  

Making iterative improvements

Once we’ve conducted the user research, we can make considered and informed recommendations for areas of improvement and produce a roadmap of activity that can take place over a period of time. Ultimate does this by completing regular sprints with a dedicated team, differing in size and frequency depending on your goals and budget.

User research can often throw a curveball at us – what we think is the ‘problem’ might be wildly different once we’ve spoken to your users. This is why we love to collaborate with you on ideas and will always share the results of our user testing with you and your team. That way we can work through any “surprises” and propose, explore, share and generate ideas for improvements across both teams. Collaboration underpins everything we do in terms of continual improvement. We draw on the combined knowledge, strengths and creativity of our team at Ultimate, your team and any third party partners to achieve great experiences.

We will then create wireframes for any larger recommendations, so that we can refine and test our thinking before we fully embark on design and development. We’ll establish priority actions and create a roadmap of activity that allows both teams to have visibility of what we’re tackling together and any key project milestones. 

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