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Website Development

At Ultimate we are all about intelligence-led website development. From stunning brochure websites to show off your brand to more complex results driven platforms, we can design and develop them. We strongly believe that no two websites should be the same. From the navigation and structure, through to page layouts and interaction, we work to not just meet but to excel client expectations.

Every project starts with the business goals in mind, ensuring that your website design and then development is well thought out, strategic and always has the end user in mind. We treat every web project as individually as our clients themselves. We specialise in bringing offline systems or functionality online. So whether it be a tool for lead generation or a full e-commerce website, with Ultimate, you are in safe hands.

We believe that accessibility should be considered at the very beginning of a project and we start those conversations early to ensure that if this is a requirement, we’re working towards it from kick-off.

All our websites will be built to WCAG 2.1 AA standard, if you need this considering to a higher level, we can work with you on this.

Laravel is a popular open-source framework for building web applications using PHP. It is an efficient and cost-effective programming language when it comes to creating websites of various sizes and complexities. We often develop in Laravel when a website requires scalability, has complex integrations or has a lot of bespoke functionality - such as ticketing platforms and large portals.

WordPress is easily one of the best-known and most commonly used website platforms - for good reason! The CMS is easy to use and it offers a great amount of flexibility for our customers and their busy teams. We use our own bespoke WordPress skeleton when we're building in this platform and generally limit our use of plug ins, to maximise security and reduce the likelihood of speed issues or Third Party failures.

When it comes to complicated or product-heavy e-commerce websites, Shopify can be a great option. Our designers and developers are experienced when it comes to leveraging the best of Shopify and the user experience it offers, whilst still maintaining brand consistency and a holistic approach to all digital systems.

Bespoke website development and training

We work with a wide range of website platforms so we create what we truly believe is the best solution for you. These include WordPress, Laravel and Magento. We then offer full CMS training so you can feel confident that you know how to update the pages and content of your website. Each website project is assigned a dedicated account manager who is your go-to from start to finish so you always have a main point of contact throughout your project. Our website development process is clear, concise and works to a plan to make sure that we deliver on time and on budget.

When someone lands on your site, you have less than 5 seconds to convince them they’ve come to the right place. That’s where we come in – we are proud of our track record in designing websites which both capture attention and encourage people to want to know more.

We approach every project with your business objectives at the forefront of what we do. Our process to get under the skin of our clients can be summarised through our tried and tested steps. If you have an existing website already we will analyse what works, what can be improved upon, and where it currently falls down in reaching your business’ goals. We then follow our simple, yet highly effective, steps through the project to ensure we exceed expectations.

Working with you we analyse and research the most intuitive functionality that your business needs. This means that we not only understand, but get under the skin of your how your business will work online. After the designs are signed-off, we begin the website build. Not only do we have an excellent project management capability but we also thoroughly test the final site before it goes live.

We use real data to see how the website is performing to highlight any areas that require improvement or new areas that the audience can benefit from. Our internal search engine experts ensure that all of our websites are search engine friendly. With every team under one roof, this means we can draw upon all of our expertise at any point throughout a website development project.

PSG website homepage shown in a tablet
PSG website on mobile phone screens

Improving user experience and ROI

We are living in the age of mobile, that is unquestionable. Technology is developing and growing at a rapid rate, often causing bewilderment within businesses. The simplest solution is to invest in responsive web development. Responsive sites are so fluid that they can easily adapt to the newest screen sizes and shapes, with minimum effort from the business or end-user. Their scalability ensures that images remain in proportion and there is rarely a need for the dreaded horizontal scroll bar, vastly improving user experience.

To be clear, there is a marked difference between a traditional mobile site and the newer responsive sites. When mobile phones first began to enable internet browsing, companies responded by redirecting users to ‘mobile only’ sites. These sites were completely separate from the main site and often contained only the most basic content. By having two distinct sites, businesses had to put in twice the work when it came to uploading content, undertaking maintenance work etc. Furthermore, the tactic became increasingly flawed with the introduction of tablets and vastly differing mobile screen sizes.

In contrast, a site that has been designed responsively suits all devices, removing the need for individual sites for each. This is a more cost effective and manageable solution. A responsive site can also actively benefit a business through SEO. Google’s ranking policy is constantly evolving but since April 2015, they have included mobile sensitivity as a ranking category. Ultimately, responsive sites provide ROI because users are far more likely to remain on the site and subsequently, convert.

At Ultimate, when we design and develop responsively we avoid the mind-set of a ‘mobile only’ site. Rather than stripping everything back to leave only the bare minimum, we think critically about the purpose of the website and the message it needs to convey. With limited space it is important to prioritise content but there still needs to be consistency across all devices. The user should be able to access everything on a mobile or tablet that they can on a desktop, even if the layout and navigation might be altered. We achieve this by building responsivity into every stage, rather than treating it as an afterthought. There is no ‘main site’ and ‘mobile site’ because they are all considered equally.


Once we have built our clients their shiny new website, we don’t like the journey to end there! We offer a range of comprehensive hosting and maintenance packages that ensure your website stays secure and up to date!

We also know the importance of the continual optimisation of a website. We offer user focused optimisation packages to ensure your website is working for your users and providing the results you need.


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