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  • Roy

    Full-Stack Developer

  • Matt


    I hold the position of Chairman at Ultimate, having founded the company in 1994 at the age of 19. I’d like to think my entrepreneurial spirit has been instrumental in its success, but maybe I should let others be the judge of that. I now lead the executive board, where I support the vision of the CEO and senior leadership team. Over the years, I’ve held multiple leadership and board positions and have extensive experience across many sectors, including technology, creative industries, sports, performance, and well-being. Although varied in nature, they all share a common thread: a focus on entrepreneurship and the successful collaboration of exceptional people. I recently cycled the entire 2021 Tour de France route as part of a team that raised more than £1.3 million for the charity Cure Leukaemia. This is one of my proudest achievements, as well as being an official ambassador for the Seashell Trust, a national charity that supports children and young adults with the most complex learning difficulties. In addition, I hold a trustee position with the Being Foundation. The following philosophy encapsulates the essence of my approach to life, work, and pretty much everything: "Enjoy life, do great work." This mantra serves as a guiding principle in all I do.

  • Wade

    Senior Developer

    I am a full-stack developer and joined Ultimate earlier this year. I started developing commercial websites back in 2010 and have continued ever since! I have spent a lot of my career working on high-profile open-source projects which I love, however over recent years I have found a real passion for venturing into AI/VR app development.

  • Nicola

    Motion Graphic Designer

    I started working with Ultimate in 2018 shortly after graduating from university with 1st in Photography. I landed my first agency role and first role in the industry as a Level 3 Digital Marketing apprentice with Richard as my mentor. I completed level 3 in 2019 and then went on to do Level 4, both of which I passed with distinction. I have given so many different tasks a go along the way to find my niche but have really enjoyed working on all things motion graphics! During lockdown I self-taught After Effects, Premiere Pro and Illustrator and after that, I quickly started working on short videos for clients, and the rest is history really. I’ve worked on several incredible projects for clients and each one has taught me something new. I think every day at work is a learning day, and I am genuinely inspired by everyone I work with and looking forward to seeing what my next steps look like with Ultimate. I’ve got a true love for the Lake District, and tied the knot there in November 2022 after 9 years of being engaged! We share our life with an unruly cat who truly believes the world is here for him, and a new puppy who has me wrapped around his paws! I’d love to return to brass banding one day, which is where I met my, now husband, in 2010.

  • Kerri

    Digital Marketing Manager

    I've worked in marketing for 8 years now, wow writing 8 years has made me feel old... anyway, I have always been fascinated with being able to influence people's decision to buy things they didn't think they needed and I was drawn to a career in marketing. I have worked in-house and for digital agencies, but I have to say agency life is the life for me and I've spent the past 5 years learning, developing and growing my knowledge. I have worked for Ultimate for over 3 years now and I've loved every minute of it! I'm responsible for everything Ultimate marketing and communications. When I'm not at work, I spend my time running around after my two stepsons, renovating my house with my husband and cuddling up on the sofa with my dog Jackson.

  • Sarah

    Account Director

    I've worked in the Tourism & Hospitality sector for over 9 years now, initially, I work in-house as a marketing manager for hotel and restaurant groups. Over three years ago I decided it was time for a change and moved to Ultimate and joined the client services department. Since being at Ultimate I have delivered a variety of projects for clients such as technical ticketing systems, new brands, new websites and creative campaigns. I've worked with some big household names such as Chester Zoo, James' Places and Darwin Escapes. When I'm not at work my son keeps me very occupied and I love nothing more than being on holiday with my family!

  • Jon

    Chief Commercial Officer

    Where to start... with over two decades of experience in technology and marketing, lots of hard work and big ambitions, I'd like to say I've established myself as a leading professional in the field. I've spent my career leveraging my expertise to collaborate with various top-tier brands and organisations and spearheading a diverse range of technical projects including sophisticated apps, complex websites and 3rd party integrations to clients' backend systems and platforms. I'm a huge lover of golf and spend my spare time trying to improve my handicap, and when I'm not at the golf course, I'm spending time with my little (not so little anymore) girl.

  • Kane

    Senior UX/UI Designer

    I have been a senior UX designer here at Ultimate for 2 years now. I come from a web design/development background which is where my passion for creating functional products began. I have been in the design industry for over 8 years now and have done everything from print to web development so I've seen it all. With all this experience I'm hoping AI doesn't replace me. Fingers crossed!

  • Heather


    I joined Ultimate over 4 years ago, and in that time I've really developed and evolved both as a person and a designer. I'm really proud of the things I’ve achieved and the projects I’ve been able to work on - from creative and branding projects, right through to full digital pieces. Outside of work, I’m usually socialising with family or friends. If I’m not doing that, I’m usually finding the next thing to decorate around the house or just getting out for a nice walk in nature!

  • Toni

    Senior UX/UI Designer

    I began my career in Spain 15+ years ago designing magazines primarily working in printing houses and agency environments. Graphic design was my core skill until I moved to the UK in 2015 when I took a very keen interest in interactive design, branding and digital communications. When I'm not at work I'm either cooking up a pretty good paella, or out listening to music.

  • Lisa

    Lead Designer

    I’ve been part of Ultimate for 20 years this year and the journey has been incredible! I LOVE the kick-off of any creative or brand project. Understanding the client and getting under the skin of a brief is key to everything, once this bit is in motion the creative possibilities really open up and we can create our BEST work. Outside of Ultimate there’s two big things for me…family life! and a new obsession (i’m genuinely OBSESSED :D) with ceramics, so if i get the opportunity i’m usually creating something with clay!

  • Jake

    Lead Developer

    I've worked at Ultimate for 3 years and I'm Stefan's right-hand man and I help to lead our website development team. Being a developer comes very naturally to me and I love taking a design and watching it to come life through building interactive components. Outside of work, I spend a lot of time outdoors, travelling, paddle boarding, or trying my hand at woodworking!

  • Stefan

    Digital Director

    I have worked at Ultimate for over 10 years and I head up our website development team, delving into every brief with genuine enthusiasm and grit, in order to create the best solution for our clients. When I'm not at work you'll find me spending time with my beautiful family.

  • Richard


    It's slightly alarming (to me) that I've been running or helping to run businesses for over 20 years, in that time I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to work with some inspiring people and organisations. Some you'll never have heard of but employ hundreds of thousands of people, others are household names like Microsoft, P&G, Siemens and Sony. My job at Ultimate is to help set the strategic direction of the company, add maximum value to our clients, ensure we have the right team that are motivated and aligned, and to drive overall performance. It's been a fun journey so far and I don't intend to stop anytime soon, I'm a little obsessed with health and longevity, just ask my wife about what I eat, how often I exercise, and what time I go to bed. My thirteen year old daughter comes to our bedroom to wish me goodnight! I joined Ultimate as a partner and CEO in September 2021. It's been a fun journey so far, especially off the back of the pandemic and the changes that brought. In 2022/23 we increased revenues by 20%. What's even more rewarding is our phenominical team and the human first digital products, brands, and campaigns they deliver for our clients. Before ultimate and according to LInkedIn (it helps me recall the past!) I was on the board of a company with revenues of £1billion, a partner at global executive search firm, and for over a decade, a partner at a global sales performance organisation, which gave me the opportunity to travel all over the world. Some days I miss that travel, others not so much, jet lag in your mid to late forties isn't fun!

  • Lauren

    Account Executive

    I joined Ultimate a year ago when I decided it was time for a change. I spent the past 10 years in retail before joining Ultimate and although the change has been HUGE it's been AMAZING! I've loved how much I've learnt and developed over the past year and I now get to help a vast range of clients in different sectors. When I'm not a work I love to spend time with my beautiful fur baby Murphy!

  • Alex

    Account Director

    I joined Ultimate just over 2 years ago, before I came to Ultimate I was working for a full-service marketing agency in the education sector and delivered projects across print and digital. Since working for Ultimate I have expanded to delivering digital transformation projects on a much more technical level, coordinating board-level stakeholders and internal squads. Outside of work, I'm training to be a secret agent ha! I have a blue belt in kickboxing, learning to clay pigeon shoot, and getting my motorbike license! And when I'm not living my secret spy life, you will find me in a restaurant as I'm a massive FOODIE!!

  • Libby

    Account Manager

    I have worked in the creative sector for over 5 years now and have spent the last 4 in client services roles. I originally worked on brand engagement solutions for airlines and restaurants and have spent the last 2 years with the Ultimate team. Here I manage creative and digital projects for clients that deliver impactful results. At home, I spend lots of time with my fur baby Poppy and renovating my house. I am also a big lover of good food and going to art exhibitions.

  • Connell

    Digital Solutions Consultant

    I've worked for Ultimate for nearly 3 years now and have over 10 years of experience in the digital space. My background is in project management and I help our clients to craft digital solutions and their delivery to match commercial needs and requirements. I'm powered on lots of energy drinks as I've just had a little baby girl so unlike everyone else in the office, I don't have much spare time at the moment ha!

  • Jill

    Operations Manager

    I've worked for Ultimate for just over 2 years now, before coming to Ultimate I spent 35 years in the design industry, I have been a designer, studio manager, traffic manager and operations manager. I've also got experience in photography, still life, CGI, animation, UX and web development. I'm a woman of many trades and the master of spinning plates! My role at Ultimate is to keep all the cogs turning and to keep all jobs on time and on budget. In my spare time outside of work, I am an avid gardener and also spend lots of time with my fur babies Bill (my cat) and Ted (my dog).

  • Miro

    Full-Stack Developer

    I'm a WordPress full-stack developer with a passion for mixing and mastering music. I've been working as a developer for the past 3 years at Ultimate, where I've built websites for a variety of clients in lots of different sectors. I love being able to turn coffee into code haha but outside of work I love to spend time in the studio mixing and mastering music.


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