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We’re no ordinary brand agency. At Ultimate, we fuse creativity with clear-headed commercial judgement to develop brands which stand out from the crowd. We start by getting to know you, getting under the skin of your company and understanding what makes you different – what sets you apart? Our human-first approach puts your customer at the heart of everything we create together, defining and evolving your brand from positioning and identity through to launch and creative campaigns. 

We’ve earned an enviable reputation among some of the UK’s leading B2B and B2C brands such as Carex, Chester Zoo, Darwin Escapes, Saffery Champness and The British Engineering Group. Whether you’re just starting up or going through a rebrand, we deliver unique and bespoke creative solutions that resonate with your target audience and bring your story to life. 


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BES Group brand guidelines

Brand Strategy

We will work with you to set clear, specific objectives for your brand or rebrand – this helps to determine key goals and measure the success for your new brand identity. Your comprehensive brand strategy will become the foundation and context for every strategic decision you and your team make around your company value proposition, core messaging and your overall marketing approach moving forward.


Brand Positioning

Your brand positioning is all about your mission, vision, values and brand story. We will work with you to identify clear USPs, why you stand out from your competitors and what makes you relevant to your target audience. Ultimate will deliver a brand positioning strategy that is uniquely you, engaging your target audience and driving your customer to take action. 

eleven eleven campaign assets
Sim Switchgear creative campaign design on social media

Marketing Messaging

Underpinning all of your marketing activity is your marketing message. From launching a new website to running a successful product campaign, you need a clear and well-executed message that brings you to life. We work with your team to really hone this messaging and help customers to understand what makes you different, telling your story in a way that is compelling and easy to digest.


Brand Identity

Once you have a clear Brand Positioning that your team and board have fully bought in to, it’s time to get creative. Our talented and passionate design team will immerse themselves in your brand, creating a new or evolved visual identity that could include logos, colour palettes, typography, brand idents, photography and video style, and any other elements that will become your brand’s personality


Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines are essential when it comes to maintaining a strong, consistent and recognisable brand. They can be as specific and detailed as you need and we will work with you to develop guidelines that cover the areas most important to you and your team – whether that’s full guidelines or a top level style guide. Once in place, these can save you a lot of time and effort as you apply your brand – ensuring a level of consistency regardless of whether you’re designing in-house or with the support of a brand agency.

Charnwood Molecular website design and brand guidelines screenshots

Branded Templates

We recognise that every company we work with will have a different level of internal design support available. We often work with internal teams who have limited creative experience but various tools available ranging from Canva through to Adobe Creative Suite, so we have developed our offering to cater to the various forms of style-setters or templates you may need to be able to roll out your brand.



Sometimes your brand just needs a refresh. Maybe you’ve expanded your product offering, or maybe you’ve been around for a while and feel that your branding has started to become dated. Ultimate has a tried and tested approach to ensure that the rebrand process is as painless as possible. We’ll work with you to identify how far you’re willing to go – whether there are elements you absolutely want to keep or whether we’re starting with a complete blank page. This process helps to ensure your key decision makers feel consulted and part of the end result, as well as ensuring your new brand identity remains targeted and relevant.

Brand launch or relaunch

Once we’ve been on the exciting journey of creating your new brand, we can then support you with a full launch or relaunch. We can support you with the delivery of everything from social media campaign assets through to posters, OOH and everything in between. We can also work with you to design a creative launch campaign that will help you to make a splash and disrupt the market as your company is introduced or reintroduced to your target demographic.


After our brand design team have created your beautiful new brand, why not look to have a stunning creative brand launch produced by our Ultimate Creative team!


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