Charnwood Molecular

Creating a new brand and website for a drug discovery company

Charnwood Molecular


Charnwood Molecular website homepage design

Charnwood Molecular

Charnwood have been a client of Ultimate’s since 2018 and are a leading drug delivery company.

Since their beginnings in 1998 they have gone from strength to strength and embarked on a mission to gain global market share when Synova Capital invested in the company in 2018. 

Charnwood Molecular business card designs


Scale up to penetrate the market

Charnwood needed to raise their brand awareness in order to establish themselves as experts in their field and own their piece of the drug discovery space. The brand identity in turn needed to be a modern, fresh spin on their old identity, staying true to their heritage but allowing them to modernise the look and feel. 

The new brand positioning, key messaging and identity needed to provide them with the flexibility to reach new audiences across multiple assets and platforms.

Charnwood rebrand assets
Big screen presentation showing the new Charnwood Molecular brand


Owning a space in drug discovery

Ultimate worked with Charnwood on their B2B rebrand, devising a new Brand Positioning and Identity, reviewing everything from values through to mission and vision.

We created a brand that would be clearly recognisable in the industry, with colours and a font that they could “own” within that space. We created a suite of assets to ensure consistency in use of brand elements.

Ultimate then created website designs for their new platform before moving into a full website development phase. Working with Key Stakeholders at Charnwood, we were able to deliver a platform that was fit for purpose and drove new enquiries through to their sales team.

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