Pen Testing & Security Audits

Minimising & mitigating risk

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Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing might not be your top priority when you’re ready to launch a stunning new website or digital platform – but it’s a fundamental consideration when it comes to security and data protection. In today’s digital landscape there is always going to be an element of risk when it comes to offering online services or products – especially when there is a need to utilise Third Party software or APIs as part of your online platform. Ultimate can work with you to minimise this risk through Penetration Testing – assessing your level of technical control over your product and ensuring that any critical weaknesses are mitigated where possible. There are various types of tests that we might recommend depending on your particular project or specialism, ranging from infrastructure and cloud security through to API security testing. We’ll make recommendations to mitigate weaknesses through design decisions, technology choices or different approaches to the architecture of your system. 

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We can complete our Pen Testing as part of one of our comprehensive hosting and maintenance packages that ensure your website testing maintains consistent and up to date!


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