Hosting & Maintenance

Comprehensive hosting & maintenance


Keeping your website and applications up-to-date is vital to ensure security.  At Ultimate, we offer a comprehensive hosting and maintenance package that includes monthly updates to your applications and server software.  

We appreciate that choosing a hosting solution and provider can be challenging and there are a huge number of providers available, offering everything from basic hosting to full scalable multi-server solutions.

At Ultimate we provide fully managed hosting solutions that fit your digital needs.  Whether this is a simple cloud server running a LAMP stack to host a website or a serverless hosting solution powering a complex API driven system, we will help you determine what you need based on your budget and requirements.

Saffery website on a laptop screen
Saffery website screenshots on a mobile phone

Managed Hosting

Leave all your hosting tasks to us and remove the time and cost of updating your server(s) and infrastructure yourself.

We will manage updates, backups, access, migrations and everything else needed to keep your applications and websites running smoothly.


Backups and restoration

If the unthinkable happens and your website goes down due to either server failure or bad actors, Ultimate can get you up and running again.  For all of our maintenance clients, we take either daily or weekly snapshot backups that can be reimaged on your existing server or a new server in hours.

Lilidorei website screenshot on phone
Lilidorei website screenshot on phone

WordPress Website Maintenance

WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS which means there are many bad actors looking for vulnerabilities and security failings.  To keep your WordPress site secure it is vital that it is regularly updated.

Our maintenance packages give you peace of mind knowing that your WordPress website(s) will be updated monthly and as secure as they can be.

We will take care of updating the core WordPress application, server software and all plugins.  Just leave it to us.


Laravel Maintenance

As Laravel specialists, Ultimate are experts at maintaining Laravel websites and applications.  Our specialist Laravel maintenance packages ensure that all security patches, package updates and framework updates are undertaken, tested and deployed to your live instance every month.


As well as having options available to host and maintain your current website, we also offer human-first website design and website development to create a website that truly works for you!


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