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The Odd Company



Odd Company

Specialists in creating beautiful, handmade mattresses, The Odd Mattress Company use high-quality traditional methods and only the finest natural fillings to craft mattresses of any size or shape, along with custom bedding and divans.

Odd Mattress Company website on a laptop screen on a bed


Creating a new energy

Odd Mattress wanted to give their brand a fresh edge, ensuring the company had a new energy and vibrancy. 

They also wanted everyone to know the full range of services they provide, as many customers were unaware that Odd Mattress also creates standard size mattresses too! A further drive towards refreshing the brand was the exciting potential for expansion of the products and services they offer.

The client’s desire to achieve a brand identity that exuded both premium sophistication and a touch of quirkiness presented a fascinating challenge.

Odd Mattress rebranding assets


A new beginning

Given the range of products that they wanted to expand into, Ultimate identified that the name ‘The Odd Mattress Company’ could be restricting. Ultimate proposed an evolution of the name to, ‘The Odd Company’, retaining their unique hook (Odd) and shaking off the restrictions – It was believed the new name would preserve their heritage while bringing a fresh modern approach.

We embarked on a creative journey that involved the fusion of two distinctly different typefaces: one serif and one sans-serif. This approach created a unique visual identity that perfectly captured the desired balance. The little oddities embedded in the logo create an eye-catching brandmark, further enhancing the brand’s distinctive character.

This typographic style flows through the brand identity and perfectly compliments their high-end product photography. To reinforce the brand’s ‘odd’ personality, we crafted a quirky, playful tone of voice, which evolved into a comprehensive Brand Voice document, showing how the brand’s unique character would be expressed consistently.

Person wearing Odd Mattress Company branded uniform making a mattress
Bed with stylish beige and gold bedding in a modern bedroom
Large bed with grey bedding in a modern bedroom
Person wearing Odd Mattress Company branded uniform making a mattress
Odd Mattress Company logo on a mattress

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