5 Mar 2020



View from a lodge overlooking the hills and countryside

Recently, several members of the Ultimate team were invited to experience the luxury of a Darwin Escapes. The team set off late last week, leaving our Manchester base behind for the stunning Keswick Reach Lodge Retreat, set in the unparalleled beauty of the Lake District.

Keswick in the Lake District is the stunning site of a Darwin Escapes park.

The team set out excited to experience such a fantastic place, graciously offered by our client, Darwin Escapes, and probably happy to get out of the office a day early, dreaming of the peace and relaxation that could be found in the quiet of the Lake District.

Darwin Escapes is the company behind many luxurious holiday destinations right here in the UK, in such fantastic landscapes as; the Lake District, Cornwell, the Isle of White, North Wales and other stunning locations. With award winning destinations throughout the UK, providing amazing facilities and spectacular accommodation in some of the most picturesque places, like their Talacre Beach Resort and they have the Instagram account to prove it. They also share our own Ultimate dog-friendly ethos, with facilities for all members of the family – even the four-legged ones! One of the unique aspects of Darwin Escapes is the fact that they have lodges and static caravans available to purchase, creating a home-from-home in the UK’s best holiday destinations.

Reinvigorating, collaborating and innovating!

While Darwin Escapes is a luxury holiday company, who emphasis their strengths of peace and relaxation, it was more than just a holiday for the Ultimate team! Going to Keswick were Ultimate’s best and brightest, keen to start on a new project!

The team were there to work in harmony with Darwin Escapes’ own marketing team: the two teams together were developing the new look, feel, and character of the Darwin Escapes brand. These discussions included reinvigorating the brand and developing the new website! Of course, the client has the best steer of who they truly are as a company, it is Ultimates role to draw these ideas out of the client. This is why Ultimate always prioritise hearing from our clients, to make sure we can reflect their personality in all their branding. Expression of a brand is not solely focused on its reception but a reflection of the company and its personal identity, which is why Ultimate strives to give every client a unique brand, allowing them to stand out. Therefore it is as important for the Ultimate team that a client expresses who they are, not just what they have to offer.

A Bright and Exciting Future!

Darwin Escapes is one of Ultimate’s newest clients, and this visit provided the perfect opportunity for the Ultimate team to really get to know who they are, as well as experience the breathtaking natural scenery of the Lake District. For Ultimate, this trip was an exciting opportunity to further develop our relationship with Darwin Escapes!

Ultimate has been working closely with Darwin Escapes since the end of 2019 to create a new digital marketing campaign, and this recent trip provided further insight and gave us first-hand experience of their amazing facilities and luxury lodges. The visit gave the Ultimate team new insights as to how we could reinvigorate the Darwin Escapes brand, as experiencing the facilities that Darwin can provide allowed the team to better understand both their role and their own customers’ needs. For Ultimate, the key to creating a brand is knowing the client, to create insight-led design, marketing and presentation. As such, our visit to the Darwin Escapes as customers ourselves was an amazing opportunity to get a more detailed insight into the mindset of both Darwin as a client, and their customers!


After several days unwinding in the peaceful atmosphere of the Lake District, combined with productive discussions around Darwin Escapes’ new marketing plan, the Ultimate team came away with more of an idea of who the client is and what they have to offer. Our team came back on Monday, ready to begin a full digital marketing campaign, built around the Darwin Escapes brand – bringing luxury holidays to life, in Britain’s own backyard.