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How one little message can spark huge ideas


A creative campaign provides you with key messages and themes that you can use to communicate a product launch, rebrand, new offering, new venue – basically any milestone for your business or service. It’s the conception of an idea that can be rolled out across your entire marketing strategy and across all forms of media, from animated video through to digital ads, your website design and traditional printed marketing such as posters and OOH.

Ultimate has years of experience bringing key messages to life through unique and inspiring creative campaigns across the B2B and B2C sectors – from tourist attractions such as Chester Zoo’s Lanterns through to charity awareness campaigns for Lymphoma Action and the digital brand launch campaign for Saffery Champness.


lets talk lymphoma lock up
Lymphoma Action campaign assets on social media
Lymphoma Action campaign social media assets
blood cancer awareness month roundel


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Creative Campaign Workshop

Our creative exploration begins with a client workshop, where we would ask all key stakeholders/decision makers to attend. This session helps to completely immerse our whole project team and yours in the creative project. Better known as a discovery session, whether remote or in-person these sessions are engaging,interactive and always collaborative.

The outcome of the workshop session is that we write a detailed design brief which is approved by the client and confirms we have fully connected with and understood the project task.

Our work begins with a kick-off meeting where we collaborate with you to discuss your goals, KPIs and ideal target audience. We will then establish a brief and carry out key research around your competitors and what’s trending in and outside of your sector to explore strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. 


Research & Analysis, Moodboards

Our approach involves researching and analysing our client’s industry, competitors and their target audience to ensure the creative campaign we create resonates and visually stands out against their competitors.

Understanding our client’s USPs is vitally important to ensure they are visualised in the creative concepts and run through the core of the creative campaign’s identity and messaging.

With the context and landscape established, we then tailor our creative work to appeal directly to the audience we’ve identified with you. This creative encompasses everything from language to colour palette. We can work from any pre-existing brand guidelines that you have, often creating a complementary style and design to give the campaign its own identity whilst staying true to who you are. 

We review existing brand assets and promotional materials to identify areas for improvement and to ensure we create something that feels fresh.

Moodboards are created to explore the potential look/feel/creative approach from our found research. The examples on these boards are purely sources of relevant inspiration. The research is used to spark good conversations with our clients early on and are used to create choice, focus and stimulate close collaboration.

The boards are designed to capture a visual look and feel and are made up of example typography, messaging, imagery, or perhaps a more general vibe or approach. Our research is designed to fully engage and excite clients with a defining theme/direction or route, that will be explored and developed throughout the next creative concept stage.

Darwin Escapes ownership campaign assets
Darwin Escapes poster design


Concept Development / Master Assets / Templates / Creative Concept Guidelines

Typically we would push a chosen moodboard route forward into one creative concept. 

In doing this we take on-board any valuable feedback and learnings from our moodboard presentation session.

The creative concept stage brings the whole campaign to life visually – It clearly defines the creative campaign look and feel. Perhaps the most exciting stage of any project, this is the first time we will see all of the elements connecting together to communicate how a creative campaign looks to the outside world!

During this stage we will explore and create the following; Creative Campaign lock up, Colour Palette, Typography, Imagery, any Graphic Elements, Tone of Voice and Messaging. We always have in mind multiple target audiences and also campaign application, so any assets that are created have maximum impact and full flexibility.

The creative concept stage culminates in our presentation of the creative work. An exciting session where Ultimate can reveal how all of our ideas, thinking and designs are visualised as the new creative concept. As always this stage is completely collaborative and we welcome feedback and client engagement. 

The creative campaign look and feel and assets will have been explored in the creative concept stage. In creating master assets we refine these and produce final versions so they can be used across all digital and print applications, in a variety of formats and orientations.

The templates requested will then be created for both internal and external use. There is 1 x round of amends including for each template type i.e. leaflets, reports etc. therefore, we will require your feedback and sign off throughout this phase of the project. 

Following the sign off of the creative concept, we will develop a campaign style guide to ensure consistency across all campaign assets and creative output.

The creative style guide will include (but not limited to); Campaign usage, Colour Palette with colour references and usage guides, Typography, Imagery, Brand Assets, Messaging and Tone of Voice. Along with real world examples illustrating how all the creative assets come together.


After our creative design team have produced your amazing creative campaign, why not look to elevate it with animation!


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