13 Dec 2023 5 min read




Lead Designer, Ultimate

The word is out!…Pantone’s colour of the year 2024 is Peach Fuzz 13-1023.

Pantone colour of the year 2024 Peach Fuzz

Renowned experts from The Pantone Colour Institute have hailed Peach Fuzz as this year’s iconic colour. 25 yrs ago Pantone devised “Colour of the year” to kick start conversations about colour across the creative industries and beyond. Influencing so much from advertising and design to architecture, fashion, retail, photography and more. This year’s colour of the year is set to get people talking and stylists considering whether to explore, embrace and experiment or to buck the trend and steer away. A decision born from the team of colour experts at Pantone who discuss, observe and live, global culture, moods, trends and colour psychology to reach a united decision that is reflective of the time. They believe colour can and does tell a story and this is something I wholeheartedly agree with! They share stories, research and observe the world, until as a group they settle on a colour that truly encapsulates right now and the year ahead.

The thinking behind this year’s colour really resonated with me. Sitting between pink and orange, Peach Fuzz captures a warmth and reassurance. After facing turmoil on a global scale (from Climate and Cost of Living Crisis to War and everything 2023 has hit head on) Peach Fuzz holds calming notes, radiates sunlight and holds a sense of belonging and a hopeful awakening. It gently reminds us of the power of togetherness that is the strength in every community. Its hazy fuzziness is both tactile and inviting!

Being part of an agency built on “Human First” I love everything about the power and meaning in Pantone’s latest colour story. It feels good and it feels right and I’m excited to harness that!

So as a colour…do I like it? Stand alone Peach Fuzz isn’t instant love for me (I could photo swatch you a bridesmaid dress from 1987 that was not my finest fashion moment and certainly not one Carrie Bradshaw ever relived!) BUT I’m certainly revved up for how I can use it! I want to dial up everything Pantone has wrapped up in their genuine colour story. I can see it coming to life through many varied contemporary colour palettes. Understanding how to flex that calm, warm and gentle tone with everything from pastel palettes to edgy pinks, reds and modern burgundy tones or to offset it against a deep blue for major impact has got my head whirring. From a UI and digital perspective what will it be paired with to make digital designs stand out, stunning and completely accessible?…The possibilities are endless.

When brands rely on a colour of the year one year, does that mean they are outdated by the next? That’s not a risk we’re prepared to take with any flash in the pan, and it’s something that can happen when you’re solely influenced by trends. BUT as part of using colour theory, embracing the feeling and injecting that colour into a campaign or palette for the right project, I think the warmth of Peach Fuzz will definitely have a place this year!

The best thing about colour of the year for me, is it gets people talking and thinking about how they feel about colour! It’s definitely emotive and for me adds meaning that can help to build that all important connection with our audiences.
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