26 Oct 2023 5 min read




Account Executive, Ultimate

Here at Ultimate, we felt so inspired to be working with a charity like Lymphoma Action on a creative campaign for Blood Cancer Awareness Month. We were not only able to find out more about the subject of Lymphoma as a cancer, but also to be part of helping to highlight the symptoms. We felt it was really important to open people’s eyes up to how serious this life threatening illness can be. 

let's talk lymphoma creative campaign logo for Lymphoma Action Blood Cancer Awareness month

Our amazing design team had the task of creating a suitable campaign for Lymphoma Action’s Blood Cancer Awareness month, around the idea of ‘Let’s Talk Lymphoma’. This was to give people who have struggled themselves or maybe been close to someone who has had Lymphoma in their lifetime an opportunity to get their story out there and open up the conversation. As soon as we had created the overarching creative concept, we designed creative assets to be rolled out across various online and offline media channels such as digital banners and posters, to highlight the signs and symptoms of the Blood Cancer. We then worked collaboratively with the charity on a 30 second digital trailer for their social channels in which we interviewed three amazing individuals, Ben, Georgia and Paris who had all lived with Lymphoma in some form. You can preview this here.

When creative design makes a real impact

Following our creative rollout, it was so fantastic to hear that the month of September was the biggest Blood Cancer Awareness Month EVER for Lymphoma Action! The team at Lymphoma Action believe that this awareness would not have been possible without Ultimate’s creative ideas to really showcase the importance of this cancer. We are truly honoured to utilise our skills for such a worthy cause, and it’s brilliant to see that our work has had an impact on such an important matter! Find out more about the amazing creative campaigns completed at Ultimate here.