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Senior Designer, Ultimate

Ultimate Corebook brand icon designs

Brand guidelines, also known as style guides have always been an essential part of the process when creating and developing a brand. They exist to provide a comprehensive set of instructions that outline the use and representation of a brand. It’s where you can find all the important information such as the look and feel of a brand, detailing elements such as the logo, colour palette, typography, tone of voice, mission statement and more.

However, brand guidelines shouldn’t just be rules; they should be storytellers, resonating with the essence and vision of the brand. Good brand guidelines allow for creativity and it is important that they connect with teams and designers, as there’s a greater likelihood that the brand will be consistently represented and showcased at its best. At Ultimate, we enjoy crafting brand guidelines, revelling in the process of bringing each brand to life.

This year we’ve changed our approach to creating brand guidelines, transitioning from the conventional PDF to a more dynamic and digitally accessible format to better serve our clients and their partners.



Over the past year, we have significantly noticed the advantages of creating digital brand guidelines for our clients’ brands. Here’s a look at why they are having such a positive impact.


1. Accessible and collaborative

Internally as an agency can work on brand guidelines collaboratively enabling real-time collaboration and feedback on design elements. Externally digital brand guidelines can promote accessibility by providing easy online access anywhere for team members, ensuring a cohesive brand.

2. Agile

We know our clients’ brands are always evolving and changing so having updated brand guidelines is very important. Updating digital brand guidelines is significantly easier than having to alter a PDF document. Say goodbye to the endless cycle of versioned PDFs.

3. Downloadable brand assets

Having all the up-to-date brand assets in one place simplifies the process for internal and external teams working with the brand, ensuring easy access to everything they require. Downloadable files include logos, colours, fonts, icons, photography and any possible branded templates.

4. Secure

Digital brand guidelines offer a secure platform guaranteeing that confidential brand assets remain protected and accessible only to authorised users.

Be sure to check out some of the amazing brands we have created here at Ultimate. We can help you to explore the many benefits of digital brand guidelines. Contact us today to delve into the world of digital brand guidelines and uncover how we can elevate and future-proof your brand. We’d love to give you a tour!