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TLSContact manage the visa application process on behalf of their government clients. With over 4 million visa applications every year, and 150 different visa application centres, TLSContact plays an integral role in helping people secure their visas.


An approachable brand to inspire and inform

TLSContact approached Ultimate as they were developing a new brand proposition, aimed direct to the consumer. The goal was to educate and inform their audience about worldwide visa applications.

Ultimate were tasked with creating a brand to support them with this proposition. Travelisa would be an end-to-end journey. A big focus for the branding project was to empower people. They wanted to be seen as friendly and approachable, whilst giving people the vital, information they need.


Travelisa posters and out of home advertising
Travelisa step by step guide on social media


A trusted brand that empowers

Following an interactive workshop, moodboarding and creative concept process, the Travelisa brand was born. When creating Travelisa we really wanted to focus on the human element of the brand. This new brand inspires trust and empowers the audience to make their own decisions, creating the ability to drive the visa process forward themselves.

We wanted people to know that Travelisa understand how important this process is to people. Many of the team at Travelisa have already been through this process themselves, so they genuinely do understand how life changing it can be. We wanted this to be reflected in the creative we produced.

Travelisa iconography designs
Travelisa social media brand asset designs

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