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PZ Cussons

In our extensive collaboration with PZ Cussons, we’ve had the privilege of working on an array of dynamic campaigns, with a particular emphasis on the globally acclaimed hand wash brand, Carex.

Each campaign we create for Carex is tailored to distinct target audiences, showcasing the brand’s versatility. From promoting innovative eco-refills, launching the nurture product range, and driving awareness for their sought-after anti-bacterial hand gels.

By working hand-in-hand with photographers we are able to capture compelling visuals that not only showcased the products but also resonated deeply with the Carex audience.

Carex poster advert of hands being washed


Clean Hands Champions

In the challenging years of 2020/21 amid the global pandemic, it became imperative for Carex to amplify awareness of handwashing for young children. The Clean Hands Champions initiative emerged as a compelling campaign designed to educate and engage primary school children.

We crafted a dynamic and educational creative campaign, complete with a dedicated landing page. We included captivating animations, and downloadable assets including engaging activity sheets for children to enjoy.

Carex clean hands champions advert with image of girl


Bayley’s of Bond Street

PZ Cussons approached us with their Bayley’s of Bond Street hand washes. At the time only the packaging labels had been addressed. Our task was to develop a distinctive brand for Bayley’s of Bond Street, allowing it to flourish in the market.

We delved into refining the brand messaging. We wanted to enhance the overall look and feel to harmonise with the existing packaging design, whilst elevating it to new heights.

A big element of this was creating appealing product photography, ensuring it would captivate attention on the shelves of UK stores.

Bayleys social visuals for web, on an Instagram mockup.
PZ Cussons point of sale collateral


Original Source

For the launch of Original Source’s plant-based product range, we collaborated with a skilled photographer to curate a diverse collection of shots surrounded by nature. This aligned with the essence of the new product line and the brand’s dedication to nature-inspired goodness.

The visuals authentically capture the essence of the plant-based range, creating a visual narrative that resonates with eco-conscious and plant-based consumers and strengthens the brand’s connection to its roots in sourcing natural ingredients.


original source plant based hand and body wash on woodland background
Original Source packaging in an outdoor space
Original Source packaging in a garden
  • You’ve been such a pleasure to work with, have understood the brand from the start and have been super organised and efficient at delivering beautiful creative.”

    Laura Duckworth


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