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Building the digital portal for the ultrafast connectivity


Making a market impact


Searches on portal in 24 months


Rise in orders placed within first month following a full technology stack review


In total sales generated since live


ITS Group

ITS are experts in providing connectivity solutions. Masters at minimising disruption, and reusing existing infrastructure wherever possible to maximise speed and efficiency.

Founded in 2013, ITS is now an industry leader, providing UK businesses with super high bandwidth gigabit connectivity and broadband via a vibrant and dynamic Wholesale and Reseller Partner community.


Partner Portal, all in one digital space

We created a digital sales portal which allows their partners to search for quotes, place orders and track their progress to delivery all in one digital space. Putting the end user at the heart of the creation of the portal, through business insight and customer story mapping, we were able to address each and every challenge and pain point that they have experienced with other platforms, to allow our solution to stand out from the crowd and be as intuitive as possible.


Quote search

In September of 2021, we assisted ITS in implementing a new lookup system on the portal. We deployed this new system to the portal on the 17th of September and saw huge increases in numbers for quote searches but also orders placed directly on the portal.


Streamlined processes

This project was all about automating the internal provisioning & delivery processes for ITS, whilst also simplifying the front-end process for their partners. It’s a win-win for both parties.

  • The whole process is a lot more streamlined now. We can operate in a completely self-serve manner, which hugely positively impacts our bottom line.”

    Daren Baythorpe

    CEO, ITS Technology Group

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