5 May 2022



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We believe in training and upskilling all year round

We don’t believe that you need to be a HubSpot partner to celebrate World Certification Week. The development of our team through training, experience and knowledge sharing is fundamental to the success of everything that we do, and following our team’s feedback we have invested heavily their learning and development.

That’s why, to commemorate World Certification Week, we’re celebrating the recent success of a number of our team completing a course with the UX Design Institute.

What’s the latest?

As an agency we believe in a ‘human first’ approach, putting the person, the end user, at the heart of anything and everything that we do. And so, to ensure that we are unified in our mindset in which we are compassionate to user needs and committed to solving problems, we sent our whole Account Management team and Production Managers on the course.

The course comprised 5 modules;

  1. Introduction to UX design – an overview of what UX is and the essential factors in creating a successful product with a user focus (looking at goals, behaviours and context).
  2. User research methods – looking at the different types of research used to understand customers, what to test, the tools and environment needed to conduct user research and how we can use research to understand user problems.
  3. Analysis techniques – this module covers analysing the user problem through customer journey mapping and affinity mapping. The module looks at the analysis process and benefits.
  4. Defining the experience – the design process using information architecture using problem-solving techniques as well as high level guidelines/design principles.
  5. Prototyping techniques – the process of validating designs before build and release, ensuring the user’s problems have been answered. In this module the different types of prototyping and their uses are explored.

Cross-skilling our Account Managers and Production teams allows our workshopping and creative sessions to be hugely more beneficial, allowing everyone to understand and live and breathe the benefits and key concepts of UX so that we are singing from the same hymn sheet and ensuring the user voice is never lost in all stages of the project.

We believe that the more team members we have fighting for the user’s voice, the greater impact projects will have for our clients.

How has this benefited the team?

Already this has really helped the team approach conversations with clients about the benefits of putting the human first, overall UX and the different terminology that can often cause confusion for clients.

Communication is key in any agency and it is clear already that the UX Design Fundamentals course has developed the team’s confidence in approaching conversations with clients about UX, as well as strengthening our approach to projects internally.

To learn more about our human first approach or to simply find out more about us, why not get in touch, we always love a good natter over a cuppa.

Stay tuned to see how else we’re investing in our team and for further exciting updates.