5 Mar 2020



Lincs and Notts website on a laptop screen next to a cup of coffee

This month, the Ultimate team have welcomed a brand-new account manager, Lauren! Lauren has a wealth of experience in project management, event communications and website development, and we’re thrilled to have her working with us! With a lot of experience in working remotely, Lauren’s kicking off her first ever Ultimate blog by sharing some of her top tips for working at home.

Lauren’s 5 Top Tips For Working From Home:


1. Mix it up a bit

I never stay in the same place working for too long. I feel that personally, my concentration levels start to drop if I stay in the same room or I sit in the same seated position all day! I don’t have a “formal” desk/office as such so I take my laptop with me around the house making a makeshift office in different locations – from the kitchen breakfast bar to grabbing a couple of chairs and making a desk. Whatever you do, just avoid working from your bed!

2. Make sure you’re connected and have everything you need

Whether it’s WhatsApp, Slack or Google hangouts to a simple planner or notebook. Make sure you’re able to communicate easily with the people you need too, as well as able to plan what is needed to be achieved in the day. I feel breaking a larger project into smaller daily tasks is best so that you don’t get overwhelmed (one thing at a time). There are also great apps out there for planning and keeping on top of your workload to ease any stress.

3. Take a break

When I’m working from home, I sometimes have this weird panic that I’m not working hard enough and tend to sit on my laptop all day, however, it’s been proven that productivity is much higher if you take short breaks. Even going to make a cup of your favourite tea as you do in the office! Or taking advantage of being able to do something you wouldn’t normally do in work such as a 30 min YouTube yoga vid on your lunch break!

4. Snacks!

I have a habit of wanting to eat more when I’m at home all day – make sure you have healthy snacks that keep you feeling energised and motivated for the day ahead. The plus of being at home is being able to prepare delicious and healthy lunches that beat the regular supermarket lunch! Take advantage of this and learn new cooking skills!

5. Try and keep to a routine

If you’d normally get up an hour earlier to have a coffee and some breakfast then continue doing this. I feel that sticking to a routine beats feeling sluggish and keeps me motivated to be able to achieve what I want in a day. Most people’s commute is also cut down, therefore, spend this time doing something nice for yourself ahead of the working day – making a great breakfast and putting on a morning face mask is a win from me!

Those are my top tips for working from home! If you think of any more, leave us a comment and let us know!