30 Aug 2022



People in a workshop watching a presentation

Once a quarter we close our doors, and encourage the whole team to come together for a dedicated day carved out to connect, collaborate and celebrate all the great stuff that we’ve done, all together.

We really value the feedback that our team give on bigger updates, and whilst we work and operate digitally-first, after the last couple of years of restrictions, we spotted an amazing opportunity to get together and enjoy all being face-to-face for the first time in a while.

At our vibrant Manchester office we met for a few hours of strategy updates and insight before allocating the second half of the day to team building and bonding, food and loads of fun!

As well as releasing our new brand to the team, we workshopped a few internal updates, listening and learning from one another, to ensure that they really come to life and the whole team had had an input in the future of how we continue to move forward. We also talked company strategy and direction so that everyone knows exactly what direction we’re going in and what crucial part they all play. As the old adage goes, we wouldn’t be “us” without them.

We try to break the mould of your typical company “team day”, making it as impactful and useful as possible. And the feedback showed it was a brilliant day all round, with a tangible buzz and so much positive feedback from the team!

We’re already looking forward to the next one.