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Here at Ultimate, we are continually striving to not only run as sustainably as possible as a business, but also create greener solutions for our clients. 

Greener Solutions for Our Clients

We truly believe in creating the greenest solutions possible for our clients. Below are some of the ways we’ve evolved to develop greener solutions for our clients with ambitious CSR policies:

Greener Website Skeleton

Off-the-shelf WordPress themes are notoriously inefficient and are often bloated, which can increase the computer power required and in turn increase the website’s carbon footprint. As building greener websites is a key focus for us, we have recently developed our own bespoke WordPress skeleton that allows us to build efficiently, with speed and user experience in mind – this helps to cut carbon emissions, creating greener websites for our clients.

Content Delivery Networks 

We can configure a CDN that allows content to be delivered to users from servers that are geographically closer. Not only does this improve the speed and performance of websites, but it again reduces the computing power required to access the content being displayed on your website.

Green hosting options

There are a number of UK-based sustainable hosting providers, who are committed to either using renewable resources to power their data centres or minimise their footprint through carbon offsetting. These are always our go to recommendations for clients that we host for. 

A Greener Ultimate

COVID19 was a challenging time for almost all businesses, but here at Ultimate we felt that there were key learnings around ways of working and processes that can help Ultimate to be more sustainable. We have implemented a fully remote working policy, in the hope of reducing the need for our team to travel to work on a daily basis. This in turn reduces our carbon footprint, as well as promoting better work/life balance. For those that still crave an office environment, we have two carefully selected greener satellite office spaces that offer optional workspace in the locations that are most accessible to our team (Knutsford and Manchester). This gives teams the chance to spend quality time with each other, face-to-face.  

Ultimate are also on track to achieving net zero carbon by 2025. Actions taken to achieve this have included carefully considering every element of our business, from our physical office spaces through to our internal processes and the Third Party providers we choose to work with. Read more about life at Ultimate here. 


Ultimate's greener office spaces