Dev Ops

Seamless deployments, effective testing

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Dev Ops

No matter how large or small your website or web application is, a robust DevOps process and system is essential for allowing fast deployments, effective testing and disaster recovery.

Ultimate design a DevOps process for each client based on the below.


Source Control

Source control is the foundation of successful DevOps.  This allows for effective collaboration, version control and code integrity.  All of our code is committed to dedicated repositories for each client.  Within each client repo, there are dedicated branches that match the overall DevOps and hosting solutions for each client.


All code commits are reviewed

At Ultimate every piece of code written by a developer is peer reviewed by a colleague.  This helps us keep our code as clean as possible.

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All clients have at least one staging environment

At Ultimate, every piece of development is tested internally and won’t be deployed until our clients confirm they have tested it and are happy for this to go live.  Our staging environments are as close to the relevant production environment to ensure that our testing is accurate and give our clients and developers confidence that our live releases are good to go.


Unit tests written throughout development

Quality Assurance and testing begins at the unit level.  During development unit tests are written to ensure that each component functions as intended.  This allows for early bug capture and resolution resulting in higher quality code and a faster QA and UAT cycle.

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We can complete our DevOps processes as part of one of our comprehensive hosting and maintenance packages that ensure your website testing maintains consistent and up to date!


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