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River & Rowing Museum

The River & Rowing Museum is one of the UK’s largest museums, and is located in Henley.

It holds an array of history and artefacts on the River Thames and educates global visitors on all things rowing, as the renowned international sport it is.

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Digitally transforming manual processes

The River and Rowing Museum wanted to implement HubSpot to tackle a number of challenges within the organisation. The team wanted to see better customer engagement, more accurate tracking of all financial transactions and more automated processes to help reduce manual workload.

Previously, the museum operated in an offline capacity. All admissions and shop sales were done face to face because there was not an existing e-commerce setup. This changed with the implementation of Merac, a third party software, which handles all transactions both online and in person. This change allowed the museum to facilitate some purchases online including membership sign ups, ticket sales, paid events etc. Ultimate were required to join this third-party service with HubSpot to truly transform manual processes.

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Integrating HubSpot to automate systems

There were a number of different audiences we needed to consider including; schools, families, retirees, donors and others. The museum needed to be able to distinguish between these different groups within HubSpot. Contacts also needed the ability to be grouped by activity type or engagement level so that the most effective marketing efforts could be made towards them.

Ultimate configured all technical elements of HubSpot along with a range of example automations, reports and properties. We provided training to introduce the museum to HubSpot, allowing time for learning with support time following each session.

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